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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Making it Awesome…

(Custom Made Office Chair Covers)

Within the last year, sometime after listing the Little Desk Chair Covers on Craftzies, the idea of computer and larger desk chair covers was born (by way of a really nice customer asking if I would ;). They aren’t all that different than the Little Desk Chair covers after all, only larger and in most cases with arms, but I think I pretty much have it down by now. I have made quite a number of these but I rarely have a chair in our home that the custom slip covers fit on for modeling purposes prior to shipping. One of the last computer slip covers I made did fit however and I have been hoping to stop in and share a few images. This slip cover was for a customer who picked out just the cutest fabric, a fabric coined Spotted Owl by Alexander Henry and it was found @ Fabric Depot (www.fabricdepot.com).

After a number of satisfied customers, I have decided to include custom slip covers for chairs of this nature. I'm listing them soon here. You are going to need to send me an image & measurements and take a peek at a few of my fabric blog posts (provided below) to get an idea of the fabrics you would like, but hopefully these details will help you decide on which chair cover style will work best for your chair, and of course, if you have any questions or need a custom listing for one of these covers, shoot me a message and I will get back to you and post what you need J

*These custom slip covers are priced around $55+ and higher than some of my other slip covers because of the amount of fabric required. Unlike the Little Desk Chair Covers, these chairs tend to require upwards of 3.5-4 yards of fabric for a chair with arms and a lower skirt. I also price these out so that you have an opportunity to pick a higher quality cotton print fabric from a variety of choices, and you will find details on fabric choices in the blog posts below. If you would like an upholstery fabric or a different fabric please let me know and I will send you a new price quote for the custom order. It takes me a week and a half to make and have ready to ship once you have placed your order in that I find I have to pick up at least half of the materials from local shops and in some cases I am waiting for shops such as fabric depot to call or email me to let me know fabric is ready for pickup. Please keep this in mind when ordering, however I will hurry your order along as best I can because I know you’re excited and well, we do hate to wait don’t we? ;)

FINDING THE RIGHT FABRIC: (*if you need assistance please let me know. I’m around to help you find the perfect fabric but I encourage you to check out these posts first as I have included a number of details to help you get started :)

There you have it! This slip cover was again not for this chair, it just happened to fit but hopefully I will have more to share as more orders come in. This slip cover features a draw string in back, red solid fabric for accent (mixing a solid with the patterned fabric lowered the price on this slip cover for the customer), and each seam is stitched multiple times so you can wash these babies every time you spill your coffee or the little ones splatter their food your way. (Duck!)

Thanks for popping in & I hope you’re having a great one!

Lindsay ;)

*If you are looking for a smaller custom desk chair cover this might be the one you want: https://www.etsy.com/listing/67323968/the-little-desk-chair-cover-made-to

Measurement Guide for the Custom Computer Chair Covers here: 
Measurements needed from you:
Height from floor to top:
Length you would the lower skirt to fall from the top of the chair seat-measure in front):
Height from seat top to the top of the chair:
Height from the floor to the top of the seat:
(*yes I can calculate these with only 2 of the measurements above but I'm testing how well your measurement skills are & taking the widest measurements you provide to make this slip cover for you ;)
Seat width / length:
Back width / length:
Arms: measurement from the back of the chair outward / measurement extending up from the seat/ measurement of the width of the arms themselves
*Measurement all the way around the widest part of the chair (usually this is mid-way up the back of the chair)
chair back thickness:

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