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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fabric Bolts! Fabric Bolts!

Things are flying here at Craftzies and as I was rambling on and on about fabric bolts to my sweetie over the weekend, I had to laugh because I kept catching myself saying “Fabric Bolt! Fabric Bolt!” and it was sounding an awful lot like Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! (and yes, I realize I should get out of the craft room a bit more, thank you very much ;)

So, before I chat with all of you a little bit more on fabrics, I encourage you to check out this hilarious video of Geeks in the forest reenacting their favorite nerd scenes. You will most likely get a laugh. If not then you’re probably a robot.


Wasn’t that funny? I thought you might like that. Alright well, let’s get down to business shall we? The title of this post is called Fabric Bolts! and despite how you will see a few different fabric posts up in my blog already (Bridal and Evening Fabrics post for those visiting from www.SophiaDeLaMer.etsy.com & Cotton Prints and Solids and Upholstery Fabrics posts for those of you visiting from www.Craftzies.etsy.com), I do still have a few more fabric comments to share before I move onto some really fun new posts. So if you are sick of fabric chatter, banging your scissors on your craft table saying "We want a DIY Chewbacca Slippers post!," bear with me just a little longer because lots of fun is right around the corner!

In regards to fabric choices, you will see in the former fabric posts that I rely on a combination of fabric shops, some that are local to me, and others that are online. I really have a nice assortment of shops when I work off the local and online grid like that, and though I love to buy local fabrics, in some cases I simply do not find what I am looking for in the local shops. That is not to say it happens often, but in some cases a customer will contact me and want a specific fabric print and my only option is to order it online as that exact print is not available locally. In most cases the fabric arrives within a few short days so the customer is not waiting for too long, however when a fabric is not immediately available, one can naturally expect that a delay of a few additional days will be added to the time in which the item is finished and ready to ship by me.

A few fabric shops I order from online are listed below and you can find a few others mentioned in the other fabric blog posts as you scroll through and look at the fabric swatches. Feel free to check them out J
Fabric Depot-(www.FabricDepot.com) this shop is local to me so you are free to view and order fabric from them and I am able to pick it up locally, saving you shipping to have the fabric come to me. They do not always have the fabric online available in their store in which case if you see it online, I recommend ordering it online. As mentioned elsewhere in the various fabric posts, if you need me to verify the yardage your project is going to need, feel free to ask.

J&O Fabrics-(www.J&Ofabrics.com)-Based out of New Jersey, this fabric shop has had a number of specific prints needed for customers. They ship fast and I have always been pleased with the fabric J
Beverly’s (www.Beverlys.com)-Another great online shop for finding specific prints and really nice fabrics are really great rates.

www.Fabric.com-this shop has lower priced fabrics and a rather large selection.

Ebay-Sometimes I have found fabulous fabrics from ebay so in some cases depending on the fabric you are searching for, a search here never hurts.

In the past I would ask customers what fabric they liked and they would give me an idea, and then I would send fabric images their way. They would then either pick one or two they really liked and let me know, or I would get a bit more feedback and then send them more fabric images. It sounds rather exhausting doesn’t it? It was. So in order to save myself time to sew more items and for all of us to keep our heads straight on what fabric swatches are available and peoples personal choices, the fabric posts with id numbers really helpful so please see those links if you are interested in fabric options.

Please keep in mind that fabric usually comes in bolts of 12-15 yards on average for cotton prints and solids with a fabric width of about 44-55” width. Upholstery fabrics usually come on the roll and they offer a wider fabric, they run usually about 58” in width, and I would say the rolls usually have about 15-18 yards on them when they arrive in the shop, however in all likelihood it very well vary depending on the weave, weight etc. This means if you are in need of more fabric than that, more than a full bolt is required, and in some cases a shop will have to order another bolt of the fabric needed in order to supply the full amount. Joann’s will usually allow you to order more but it does take longer to have those fabrics in, in some cases upwards of 3 weeks. In a few cases (but still valid for larger orders) I have found bolts of solid prints need to be purchased at the same time as all dye lots tend to vary slightly but if I buy them together at once the shade can be checked to make sure the two different bolts are a perfect match.

So, there you have it. Enjoy your day and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Have a fabulous Day!

Lindsay ;)

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