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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Upholstery Fabrics

This blog post is going to be on upholstery fabrics as I have a rather extensive assortment of fabric prints for you to view. If you are interested in having slip covers or other home accents made, please message me via etsy www.Craftzies.etsy.com.

Most of these fabrics are from local shops that do not have fabric available for purchase online, so we have to rely on my images and my charging you the fabric funds and then I buy the fabric in person. As with all fabrics, I cannot guarantee that the shops will have a specific print from the collection below in stock in the needed yardage but in a lot of cases we find enough of the exact print or a similar print to suit the project you had in mind. The prices on these fabrics vary per yard and I confirm the price from the shop once you have inquired..

In order to speed up the pre-ordering process in regards to custom slip covers, I find it very helpful if you send measurements (you will find helpful guides and needed measurements as attached images in the listings for custom slip covers in my etsy shop (@ www.Craftzies.etsy.com + if you need further assistance shoot me a message via etsy), one or two fabric samples you like, the type of slip cover you need (type/ style of the furniture piece), a photo to my email (Craftzies@gmail.com), and how many slip covers are needed.

Once I receive those details mentioned above, I am pretty much set to get started on your order. Larger orders such as 6-8 count slip covers for dining chairs will take 2.5-3 weeks to finish your order and have it ready to ship once we have either settled on fabric and I have sent you a paypal bill for the fabric, you have ordered fabric online and are having it shipped to my po box, or you are ordering via Fabric Depot. If you are having fabric shipped to me, please message me via etsy or email and give me a heads up so I know to get it from the po box.

If you are interested in having fabric ordered from www.FabricDepot.com then you have the option when ordering to mark for store pick-up. If this is the option you would like then you will put in the comments section “Lindsay from Craftzies will be picking up this order for me.” You will then email me a copy of the order form as they asked that I bring that with me when picking up those orders for customers. If it is easier for you to have me order the fabric for you from Fabric Depot that is fine, I simply require the funds for the materials up front for the project. For these orders I will send you a paypal invoice for the materials, transfer the funds, order the fabric online, a few days later pick up your fabric, and then get started on your project. For those orders where I have had to order the materials for you, you can expect a delay of 4-6 days additional for funds transfer/ fabric ordering time to be added to the time it takes me to make your order. I pick up fabric once a week from Fabric Depot as needed and when ordering please mark down “pick-up for Friday between 12-2pm if possible, please. Thank you.”

Fabric Depot’s site says they will call you when the fabric is ready. Once you email me the order form I will follow up with them to confirm the fabric will be ready when I arrive. They only allow you to pick up online orders Monday through Friday. If in the event they take a few extra days to prepare your order for pick up and it is not ready by Friday, I do try to pop back over earlier on in the week when in the city so your order is not delayed longer but please keep in mind we are working with a fabric shop and we want them happy so if it takes a day or two for them to find the fabric and keep smiles on their faces, well, I'm definitely down for that! 

These are the steps you are going to want to follow if you are planning on ordering from Fabric Depot:

A) Mark for store pick-up when ordering-there is an option in the order form
B) Lindsay from Craftzies will be picking up this order
C) Time of pick-up: Friday around 12-2 if possible, ty J
D) Email me a copy of the order form so I have it with me when I pick up your fabric (Craftzies@gmail.com)
E) Message me via etsy (www.Craftzies.etsy.com) if Fabric Depot calls you to tell you the fabric is ready earl *if you can-I know we’re all busy so I can follow up too once I receive the order form so no worries ;)

and then...That’s it!

At this point fabric will be on the way and your completed order made by me will be on the way to you soon  as well! Your work is now done and mine now begins ;)

Enjoy the fabric prints below and if you have any questions definitely let me know. For pricing, feel free to check out the listings I have in my etsy shop. For multiple orders, you will have to contact me for a custom listing to be created as I only have simple slip cover listings for solid cotton, patterned cottons and upholstery prints listed in my etsy shop. Their purpose is more to show the fabric options, measurements needed  and some general prices. 

(*note: E-14 currently out of stock)

(other colors available-message for other colors in stock)

*Tagged images above are in this order: C3/ A7/ EL/ B/ A4/ EE/ Q/ Z/ R/ TK/ T/ DC/ X/ U/ S/ Y/ P/ SW/ W/

For help in determining how much fabric will be needed for a project please message me with the measurements and I will calculate the yardage needed. Please include your desire for multiples as it changes the yardage needed. In general about 3 yards of fabric is needed for a full length slip cover in cotton 45” width printed fabric. Upholstery fabric is wider and so less yardage is needed, more like 2.75 and then in some cases, slightly less perhaps depending on the exact measurements and style you select so sending measurements and having determined whether you would like a cotton print or solid or upholstery fabric helps me a great deal in determining how much yardage will be needed for your new project.
Lindsay ;)

-Updates for 2013-

Here are a number of new upholstery fabrics available in the shops:

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