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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekly Specials: A showcase of sales for both Craftzies and Sophia!

Ohh what a lovely day! Happy Day Everyone :)

As some of you might have heard, the inventory for both Craftzies and Sophia is literally busting at the seams so the sales are definitely on!

Below you will find NEW sales, and I am keeping Sophia's Skirts & Dresses on sale FOR TWO MORE WEEK so you will absolutely score some amazing deals. If you need any adjustments to listings in the shops let me know, I am popping in and out all day today and throughout the weekend while I list new items and such so you will hear back ever so soon if you message me through etsy. And of course, any questions please let me know.

Craftzies Sales:
*Little Onezies: all little onezies hats and flip flops are buy 1 get 1 free. *This sale continues

Sophia Sales: or what I'm calling the 'I can't believe prices are so low sale...'
*These sales continue

*All READY-MADE Skirts are $20 or under!

*All READY-MADE Dresses are on sale as well with prices ranging from $35-$70

You are also welcome to check out both shops here: www.Craftzies.etsy.com  & www.SophiaDeLaMer.etsy.com to purchase the items you see below, and more as well in the shops themselves.

PLUS you will find free shipping on multiple items shipped, and you can order via Craftzies or Sophia in order to save money on shipping as I will combine items from both shops in one package (it is coming from the same place and all ;) If you message me on Craftzies before hand I can make the updates you need before you order and pay. TY :)

Here are a number of Craftzies items on sale!
Starting with the Lemon Drop Dress.

(Which I know is going to make the perfect Mrs. Fox costume come Fall... ;)

Baby dresses are on sale?! Why yes they are! Only two currently in stock as ready made and the third one listed in my shop right now-the Umbrella girl dress listing-(shown below) is a custom order. I have enough fabric for one more so instead of making it in a certain size you can tell me what size you need.

I hardly ever make a quilt. The time involved and the space it takes up on my inventory is amazing. Anyone need a quilt? Family and friends say they're good and this baby is seriously taking up too much space in my inventory!

A number of summer baby and toddler items are on sale!

Woot! More aprons to keep you clean and looking ohh so pretty!

This batik printed camera bag/ padded tote below is really cute and I really liked the fabric. 
It is as vibrant in person as it is in the images...

And then we have one of my favorite vintage items listed right now. This yellow dress below is a 1970's Albert Capraro loungewear dress and it is not only in fabulous shape, but a lovely design, cheerful color, and all around perfect. This is the vintage dress I plan to make more of in shorter lengths and a variety of sizes. I like the style, only I need it shorter in length. We can't be wearing platform shoes all the time for that additional 5" in height eh?

Now for a few sales on Sophia!
 I really like the fabric used for this dress. It has been named The Pearl and it is a really quality, natural batik textured print.
This dress comes with an espresso belt to match and is about a size 12 though please do check the listing details in Sophia if interested in purchasing this item, as well as any others from both shops. The best way to ensure an item will fit is to measure yourself or the person you are buying for and then comparing those measurements with those provided in the individual listings.

Below is the Peruvian Dream dress and the most popular color is the purple, though I made a number of dresses in this color in a variety of sizes to start and all but one currently in stock has sold. I do not know if I have this last dress currently ready made listed in my shop. I will have to check when I go through inventory later on today and see. If you do not see this listed on Sophia currently you will by this evening. I believe the dress size is a size 10-12 but I will of course add measurements and product details when I list it in the shop. 

Ohh la la. Doesn't Katie look ohh so gorgeous in that Just Bee Skirt? This is the last one but it is adorable and made from 100% cotton bee print with hot pink trim around the bottom, a hidden zipper at the size, and this skirt definitely arrives with a side of happiness. Katie will demonstrate for you...

Ohh this skirt below is one adorable item! I really love the fabric and the wooden buttons for accent. This skirt style is also one of my more popular ones and great for working and other daily activities while still appearing semi-dressy.
This is a top quality fabric print in a jet black background and tiny gold dots. It was a hot day when these photos were taken and Katie donned the skirt and then sat down just after I had ironed it! Hence the creases in the middle. She still loves it and I know you will too. Only one left in this print in the shop.

Lots of dresses are on sale in the shop right now @ Sophia as well and the dresses you see below are ready made, meaning they are in specific sizes and ready to ship. Three are currently available, one in Pink Hyacinth, one in Pacific Batik, and then the last set of images where you see The Marilynn in classic white.

Below are just a few details on the shops and where to find certain items. I do not list vintage items on my Sophia site. You will find all vintage items on Craftzies. In some cases I list clothing items on Craftzies. Those are usually children’s clothing or items that I feel might fit more with the style of Craftzies (the little shop of everything), where as Sophia is a bit more structured and specific toward ladies clothing at this time (mens clothing coming soon to Sophia). In some cases however you may find that I have taken a vintage item and sold it on Craftzies but in remaking the design, the new items is being sold on Sophia. I mention this specifically because this will be coming up soon. I sell some vintage sewing pattern copies on Craftzies and I have a few of the dresses made from those patterns coming up soon on Sophia, as well as a remake of the vintage Yellow Dress  (Alberto Capraro currently listed on Craftzies) in a shorter version as a swim coverup/ summer loungewear dress, and that remade garment will be listed on Sophia soon. I have the fabric, I just need to get to it!

So, there you have it for this week’s specials and such. Have a fantastic day and stay cool (or warm if you find yourself in a season different than summer in the states right now ;) and don’t forget to keep that pretty skin shaded from the sun ladies. We want to look our best and sun damage never helped anyone. We might not have any ozone up there anymore anyway so hats, cover-ups and sun screen are really important to maintaining healthy skin. I’m not going to lecture. Just simply agree and go have a cosmo in the shade…

Up Next:
Halloween costumes!

Lindsay ;)

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