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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Garden Gnome Halloween Costumes

Ohh Gnome-io…


It’s time to hunt down those Halloween Costumes before the season has fully crept in and what better way than with a fantastic Garden Gnome Costume?! This is the third year I have been offering these truly hilarious costumes and I have standard colors and sizes listed in the shop and even a few different color combinations going up as well.

The standard style for the Male Garden Gnome costume set is with a red hat with white silky beard and a black belt with a big yellow buckle. The hats come with a piece of elastic at the back to cinch them up a bit and the belt comes with velcro and is somewhat adjustable. The male costume also comes with a mini lint remover in case the silky beard gets the hat a bit of fuzz on it in transport though I package them separately when shipped to keep everything pretty neat. Beside, you never know how your lady love will simply adore you for having a lint remover in hand. It is very messy in the forest after all J

The standard style for the Female Garden Gnome costume set is with a red hat with ties on the sides and a red and white polka dot apron with lacey pockets. The hat has a bit of elastic at the back to cinch it up and the apron is also usable in the kitchen or craft room well after the Halloween season is over. I also like to remind the ladies that as fabulous as some of us might be at making muffins, we’re also great at watching our male counterparts bake those yummy baked goods for us as we make great testers of baked good. They can even borrow your apron…

Craftzies Standard Garden Gnome Sizes: 
Baby & Toddler Sizes: Small (NB-6 month), Medium (9-18 month), Large (18-24 month)
Children Sizes: Small (size 1-2), Medium (size 3-4), Large (size 5-6x)
Teen Sizes: *adult size small is the standard
Adult Male Hat Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2L 
Adult Male Belt Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL 
Adult Female Hat Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
Adult Female Apron Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL 

The price per costume is $22 for baby/toddler/child sized costumes & $25 for the teen/adult sized costumes.

*Multiple costume discounts: $4 discount if you order a Garden Gnome Set of two for the smaller toddler/ child sized costumes ($40 total for a set of 2), and a $5 discount for a set of two teen/ adult sized costumes ($45 total for a set of 2). You also receive free shipping on multiple orders as well. Message me via etsy for a multiple costume listing and I will post one for you.  

All Ready To Wear costumes listed in the costumes section of the Craftzies shop are ready to ship out. If you need something different than what is listed in the shop feel free to let me know, the turn-around time for Halloween custom orders is 4 days *though I will update here as the season progresses.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I do hope you are having a rather fabulous day. If these don’t make you laugh NOTHING WILL so you might as well just go back to your work robot…

Just kidding!

Thanks so much for stopping by and up next? Ohh you’re just going to have to pop back in again soon and see…

It’s a surprise ;)


P.S. I have a few listings for these costumes up in the shop including one that is a male/ female set with the discount already applied. Since I am away for a few hours it made sense :) If you need more let me know. I have lots of these in stock.


For other Halloween costumes feel free to check out the Costume section in the Craftzies shop or via some of my other Halloween blog posts here:
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Craftzies has also been featured in a crafting book called Garden Gnomes and you can find all of the details here- http://craftzies.blogspot.com/2012/07/woot-crafting-book-has-arrived-go-fab.html

Monday, September 17, 2012

OMSI Mini Maker Faire: Part II

OMSI Mini Maker Faire: Part II
It was a Blast!

If you happened to visit OMSI in Portland this weekend you had an opportunity to see firsthand how very cool the OMSI Mini Maker Faire was. Yesterday I posted Part I with a number of images and today I wanted to follow up with a part II including more photos and details on the event and the people running the individual booths. 

Sunday was a little lighter in terms of the crown but it was still an excellent opportunity to chat with people about the capabilities of the 3D printers and Raspberry Pi as well as have an opportunity to learn more about what others were working on at their own booths throughout the faire. Here are a few...

We again had perfect weather as well which is always a plus when you have electronics in conjunction with the outdoors. Early in the morning before the crowd began to arrive I had an excellent opportunity to take more photos of the large trebuchet beside all of its miniature counterparts ;) Don’t try to invade OMSI; they’ve got their territory covered.

I had an opportunity to stop by the Portland Garment Factory and chat with the woman. 

This was pretty sweet and I really liked the rack showing the transition from clothing mock up to finished product. She mentioned how they make prototypes for other clothing lines as well as their own, and their own was pretty sharp so definitely check them out, you will like the look of their designs.

Scrap was a booth I did not have a chance to stop by or get any decent pictures of yesterday but I did on Sunday so here is the scoop. They are awesome! How do I know this? I have my sources ;) The word on the (mini maker faire) street and in the crafting shops locally is that place is the bomb, the prices are great, and how nice was the woman chatting with me?! So very nice. I’m headed there this week, and I might just have to call her in the next few days and tell her how we’re just going to have to be the best of friends! She will take all those cool things I find that need to…well…scrap…while I’m also picking up new scrap!

So, if you are wondering where you need to head this fine crafting day to pick up some awesome cool supplies for that next big project, I would say Scrap might be your best bet and you might just see me there in the next few days meandering on my own for supplies. It is the Halloween season after all and I am in the throes of Halloween Costume making so that is a really good find.

If you had a chance to get close to the Portland Ballet booth you would have seen signs that they are looking for volunteers for set design for their upcoming event. Certainly a fun project for anyone interested in set design. I spent a semester years and years ago building the set for a performance and though it was not at the Ballet, it was certainly a learning experience and it is  fun to be a part of such an interactive project. You will also most likely meet some really nice people in the process.

Moving on you had robots shooting basketballs, how to blast rockets, survivalists teaching how to improve your archery, how to spin, weave a basket, and a variety of other activities.
I did not have an opportunity to chat with the woman who was demonstrating how to build these boats but Ed did and he said they were super light weight, the boat frame was really awesome, and when I have a chance I am definitely going to check out their information on line. He said he saw a very small woman pick the frame of one of the boats up on her own and smile proudly. I would love to find out more, I believe he said she was using reclaimed materials for the boats but I will get details and let you know soon.

We had a fantastic time and we met a lot of people, everyone was really friendly, and I can’t wait until next year! 

We had a great crowd as well, especially as this was the first year running. I was really impressed with the entire event. I felt as though it was really well organized, the selection of booths and the way in which they were displaced throughout the faire was indeed well planned, the hands on displays and demonstrations for children and adults alike were impressive, and all in all I think the people had a great time learning about what other crafters, hobbyists, technicians and artists were working on right here in our own community. We are indeed a group of really interesting people. If anyone is wondering if they should participate in this event next year, the answer is yes!

You don't have this kind of fun at home!

Thank you to OMSI and Make for putting on such a great event and thanks as well to everyone who participated by way of a booth or those coming to the event to see what others were making. You all made it a success!

Alright, I am off to make some crafting magic happen around here but have a fantastic day and thanks so much for stopping by to check out what we were up to in Portland this weekend.

Now go make something…

Lindsay ;)

P.S. I posted about 170 images up on google + but if you want images emailed to you, feel free to email me- My email address is Craftzies@gmail.com