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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pebbles Mix & Match (and Bam Bams too ;)

Pebbles Mix & Match

(*This is a Halloween blog post and these items are usually reserved for that time of year. I do have costumes in stock however when they fall off of my active etsy selling list outside of the Halloween holiday I tend not tlist the items again. If interested let me know, I have a variety of sizes in stock year round)

*Happy Halloween and Holy Pebbles & Bam Bam! To sum up what was a lovely run of making...ohh I think maybe 30 or so costumes I am ready to move onto other costumes! 

For those of you looking for costumes that you can order that are not Custom Listings, you will find those in the shop without 'Custom Listing' in the title. I have tried to make it easy in that way for those of you searching for costumes. All costumes listed in the shop-custom listings and non-custom listings alike-are ready to wear meaning they are finished and ready to ship. Items are leaving in one day in most cases because, well, they're ready to go, I need the space and you need your costumes!

My experience selling Halloween costumes is the adults always order for the children first and then order for themselves afterwards so with that knowledge I tend to make and list the kids costumes earlier than the adults. 

Here we have the Pebbles Mix and Match (and Bam Bams too ;) and there are some of both left as regular sales, but you just have to check the sizes. Here are some photos...

Each Pebbles Tunic purchased includes a hair bone piece that is made with a mini spring clip. The hair clips are mostly made of a basic flat cotton but if some of you order the matching Bam Bam I will include the fuzzy stuffed hair clip in the following picture as the fabric matches the stuffed bone on the hip of the Bam Bam costume. I am not going to include a Pebbles bone hair clip with the sale of just the bottoms because you may be using these for a different purpose. They do make comfy diaper pull overs as well.

So, here is a mix and match collection of a few of the different pebbles tops and bottoms I have available. I just went with a variety of fabrics for the bottoms as those were the fabric requests from customers in the past.

Any questions feel free to message me via etsy and all costumes are ready to wear and listed on Craftzies @ www.Craftzies.etsy.com.

p.s. I currently have a few pebbles tunics in stock and one 0-3 month Bam Bam. 

Lindsay ;)

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