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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shipping & Receiving

Shipping & Receiving
+ Email Details

I know this is a rather boring post for those of you wanting some crafting eye candy (so I plan to follow it up with something rather fun crafting wise) but for those of you making purchases in the shops or sending me materials for projects, please read on and I will try to keep this short and to the point ;)

 (If you are expecting a package or sending me materials)

My Address:
PO Box #2040
Beaverton, OR 97075 USA

* If you are expecting a package from Sophia you will find the address will be the same, you will simply see Sophia as the name in place of Craftzies as I share the po box between both shops. It will look like this: 

Sophia De La Mer
PO Box # 2040
Beaverton, OR 97075 USA

To start, please know that I am my own Shipping & Receiving Department so please read here so I know we’re both on the same page when it comes to details of this sort. I check my po box and ship out items 3 times a week: Monday/ Wednesday & Friday/ Saturday ( Friday/ Saturday schedule means if items are not shipped out on Friday, they will be shipped out on the following Saturday).

If you are ordering an item on one of my etsy shops: Craftzies or Sophia De La Mer (www.Craftzies.etsy.com / www.SophiaDeLaMer.etsy.com) that is ready-made then the item will ship within 2 days usually (3 days if during holidays and Sundays) and I usually send over the tracking number via etsy message, however they do have a feature now on etsy where I can simply add that info and not send a separate message. It is simply out of old habit that I message directly with shipping, but if you do not hear from me please check there for the tracking details. If you don’t see any details feel free to ask.  I try to update often but I am prioritizing across the board on this end so I just might not have gotten to it yet.

If you are sending me materials I do have a few rules. First, please let me know you are sending materials to me prior to shipping. Second, please talk with me first about the project you are interested in having made and provide measurements prior to ordering or sending materials so we can determine ahead of time the yardage needed so we do not run into a problem where enough fabric was not ordered. Third, all materials must be clean, and or washed fabrics or directly from a shop or online supplier that is providing NEW materials. I will work with vintage materials if you have some you would like converted into something new, however you must wash those materials prior to sending and I am of course not able to guarantee the final product will be perfect from a fabric perspective if you send fabrics that are in less than perfect condition, but I of course try and do my best. If you are sending me sample fabrics, it is imperative that you cut and or remove all staples, tags (by this I mean large glued or stapled ‘Sample Tags,’ not regular product tags shops may add at the time of purchase to the fabric pieces), and additional labels from the materials prior to sending.

All materials used in projects are new unless otherwise stated, and those that are upcycled are made from barely used fabrics and you will always see mention of those recycled materials in the individual listings, and those will only be on Craftzies, and not Sophia. Any and all country laws do as well apply such as used bedding materials not being sent to various countries such as Australia. If something of vintage materials is listed in the item details and I have international shipping but your country does not allow the item to be shipped to you, you will find a return of the items and funds to you. This has not come up but as I review international shipping codes regularly I want to mention it in case it does in the future.

Shipping items to YOU: You can expect packages sent from me will either have a Craftzies or Sophia return label (*or clearly stated on the package if in the rare change I happen to run out of return labels). If you have ordered an item from me and I see that the shipping you paid was much higher than what I charged you, I will shoot over shipping reimbursement. I offer free shipping for multiple items ordered, and I also offer that between both of my etsy shops as the items are of course coming from the same location. I ship items via USPS regularly and items shipped out within the states are shipped first class for heavier and larger items, and also priority (I sort of determine that when wrapping your item up but I will let you know how it was shipped and your tracking after it reaches the post office). Items shipped internationally are usually shipped out First Class as that is the least expensive and I like to provide decent shipping costs to my customers. Unfortunately, unless you are interested in a more expensive shipping choice, tracking is not provided for international orders via UPSP however I can provide the customs declaration form as proof of shipping. If in the event you feel as though shipping or a particular item will be less, please feel free to ask, you might be right and I try to only charge what I am charged for shipping as best I can :)

If you need a different shipping carrier or a faster shipping service such as USPS Express delivery please let me know and I will provide details and shipping rates for you. Items going to Canada: Despite my details on international shipping, packages going to Canada tend to be slightly higher than in the states but lower than other international shipping rates. Therefore, I try to post shipping to Canada separately from ‘everywhere else’ in the product listings however if you do not see Canada as a specific option for shipping, please let m know and I will update the listing. Once in a while one will slip by but my intent is to always offer shipping to the US, Everywhere else, and then Canada to keep shipping rates as standard as possible.

Please know with international shipping-and this includes Canada as well-that all items are expected to take 10-14 days from when ordered, in which to reach your destination and I nor the US postal service has any control over how long items take to pass through customs however I do of course provide the detailed package contents and prices in the customs forms so there aren’t any surprises when the packages reach customs but please do help me out when ordering and order your items ahead of time so there is ample time for your item to reach you prior to your event or date you need/ want the time due. *This is especially important as we approach the Halloween and winter holiday season when items are usually orderd to arrive in time for specific holidays. Please allow 10-14 days (usually 10 business days for shipping time) for international orders to all countries. Please also know UPSP Priorioty shipping is generally 3 business days and includes the continental US and items shipped to Hawaii and Puerto Rico will take longer. USPS will not ship items to Cuba due to the embargo-please do not ask, they will refuse it at the post office. 

Custom Orders: If you are ordering a custom made item as opposed to a ready-made item, then of course it will take me a bit of time to put the order together for you and unless otherwise mentioned directly, a custom item can take upwards of a week and a half in which to make and have ready to ship. This may sound like a long time for you to have to wait, but I assure you when I am picking up the extra materials for your projects and in many cases waiting for fabrics to arrive or be picked up from places like Fabric Depot (they call/ email me when online orders placed for pickup are ready so they take a few days and then I coordinate a fabric pickup), a week and a half is the necessary time to make magic happen with your project. If you are interested in fabrics available please refer to this link and it will lead you on further > http://www.craftzies.blogspot.com/2012/06/cotton-prints.html in the way of fabric options and such. If you are having a fabric order that you placed (other than fabric depot) please notify the seller directly on having items shipped to me prior to ordering and send along the shipping details so I know when to expect those materials. I am constantly changing my sewing schedule around as customers contact me on new orders and materials arrive so having a heads up on material arrival only helps me prioritize those orders so I can get your items finished in a more timely manner.

*Just a quick note on sending me fabrics-customers and those interested in having projects made ask me regularly what my thoughts are on the most economical way in which to pick out fabrics. I usually recommend picking a fabric I have available in the shops locally whether from those I have images of on the blog, or via Fabric Depot and I provide free pickup of those materials if we go with that option. If you are sending me materials directly, though you have the option of picking out your fabric in person, you do pay for shipping the materials to me and then also the shipping costs associated with sending your package onto you and that can add up. I just finished a project for a customer who sent me the materials and she paid about $22 for the materials she picked up at the shop to be sent to me, and then since the finished items being packaged usually are a bit bulkier than the neatly folded fabric did upon arrival, she also paid about $25 for her set of 6 chair covers to be shipped back to her so please keep in mind those costs when determining for yourself whether you would like materials sent to me or whether you would like for me to pick out the fabrics for you from a shop locally that does not have an option to purchase fabrics online, or a shop that does where they also offer free pickup for web orders and I pick up those orders once a week, usually towards the end of the work week once the shop contacts me and is ready for me to pick up those materials. You have to send me the shipping details once your order has been placed there however + notify that shop in the comments section when ordering that Lindsay from Craftzies will be picking up that fabric on your behalf. 

*All orders are shipped to the addresses provided by Paypal.

*All international orders: The Buyer is responsible for all Custom Fees and or taxes applied.

Email Details: I have a few emails to try and keep some semblance of order between the shops. Please note the following emails and how they are used so you can contact me accordingly. TY J

Emails: *My most frequent line of communication is via etsy shop chats so if you are interested in a custom order or details on products or custom orders please message me via etsy either on Craftzies or Sophia. For shipping changes between both shops or shipping adjustments needed on either shop, the quickest way is to contact me is via Craftzies etsy message as I seem to check that the most frequently, though I do check my emails regularly as best I can between 9-10 am pst M-F. If you have sent me a message and have not heard from me, despite how I try to get back to everyone, feel free to contact me again as once in a while a message or email may slip through the cracks. Don't worry, I won't consider it harassment ;)

Craftzies email @ Craftzies@gmail.com
Sophia emails @ SophiaDeLaMer@gmail.com
Sending paypal funds to me or seeing a bill from me, the email address used is LindenTree.Portland@gmail.com (*do not send funds via paypal for a project without talking with me first ty :)

I think that about sums it up. Again, if you have any questions please let me know and have a great day!

Lindsay ;)
P.S. Be cool and dont send me junk mail! 

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