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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Pandas!

Happy Panda Kindle/ Nook Sleeve & Phone Pouch

So if you haven’t guessed yet, I love pandas! I even like to go on vacation to places where I have a chance to see Pandas. Here is a bamboo munching panda on a hot day at the San Diego Zoo. 

And yes, I even faxed a ‘your girlfriend has been kidnapped-bring home 2 pandas’ letter to my boyfriend at work years ago but I just got a fax back saying the closest Pandas to NYC (we were on the east coast at the time) were in DC so he would never make it back in time (for the drop off or dinner :p). There was also something about how the kidnapper would see how difficult the girlfriend was and bring her back soon, but never mind that!

So I needed a panda fix the other day and I needed a new pouch for my kindle, and I definitely needed a new cell phone pouch.

It was then that the Happy Panda Kindle/ Nook Sleeve and Happy Panda Phone Pouch were born. As you probably know, Pandas are usually born two to a litter so making a set was fitting. I started by making a smaller version for my phone. Here are some pics. I have one Happy Panda Cell Phone Pouch going out as a free customer appreciation gift to a lucky winner...

and here are some photos of both, along with images of  the Panda Kindle Sleeve which was made with a pocket inside and a metal snap for closure.

I think they turned out really cute. They totally look like fuzzy pandas and that was the point so it was definitely a win for crafts I think. The inside of both are hand sewn because the layers of fleece (including the pockets made of fleece as well) was a bit too thick for my machines. They are super durable though and I think you will love yours if you happen to order one. I am in the process of creating a number of new items for both shops at the moment so in the next few weeks you will see more items. I think these are keepers for the most part though I think I have to top stitch the seams from the outside to avoid the tedious hand sewing but other than that, these will appear similar. I will of course update here if and when a ‘Panda Remake’ comes about.


The inside size of the Panda Kindle Sleeve is 6.25" length (15.9 cm) (below the snap inside) x 4.5" width (11.4 cm) and the Panda Phone Pouch is measuring in at 4.25" length (10.8 cm) 3" width (7.6 cm)

So, there you have it. I made the sleeves out of fleece inside and out with the metal snap for the Panda Kindle/ Nook Sleeve. I am listing one of the Panda Kindle/ Nook Sleeve's I have made and ready to go for sale in the Craftzies shop (with more to come), and for the cell phone pouch, again, a free one is going out to a winner and if there is an interest I will make more of these as well. 

Happy (Panda) Day!

Lindsay ;)


  1. Omg...That's the cutest thing ever!

    1. Love the blog Kate! :) I have a ton of stamps and other scrap booking supplies that are yours if you want them. Come raid the craft room!