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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sophia Mini Movie

Hello Everyone! I recently made a mini movie on a variety of handmade clothing from my Sophia site and wanted to share. Sure some would say perhaps it’s more of a slide show but I’m going to call it a movie (it is video software after all that I’m trying out) and you’re all just going to humor me. You’re lucky I left off the clapping and rounds of applause at the end, it really was a toss up but who wants noise when they can silently look at pretty pictures online right? You’re welcome ;)

Here’s a link to the site: www.SophiaDeLaMer.etsy.com

I just wanted to add a quick note on some of the images. Though I now have a few mannequins in which to display items, some of the images are from earlier on when smaller sized items may not have fit my sewing doll, in which case you see the items displayed open & unzipped (such as the It’s Raining Buckets Rain Coat when on the sewing doll) or elsewhere such as hanging up or laid out on a table. Photos of better quality are always a priority and you will see new images added as more items are made. In the mean time, I hope the images shown help show some of the items you can have custom made from the shop.

Any questions definitely ask and have a sweet day ;)


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