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Friday, August 10, 2012

Bringing It Back

Fabulous items returning for fall

After taking a little time to meander through past clothing projects, some of which you may have seen in the shops in the past, I’m bringing some back! So here’s a quick show and tell and I will update with details soon on when made items are in the shops for purchase, I am really just picking out the right fabrics. Each of these items will be available soon for purchase at my clothing shop @ www.SophiaDeLaMer.etsy.com

For each of the items listed below, to speed orders and such I am planning on making each style in a variety of sizes to keep down the time frame of custom orders. I also have a few items made with slight variations as well such the Trek dress and shirt. I still have to make a nice ¾ length sleeve and find a human test subject other than myself to determine level of fabulousness for the alteration (texts sister...no answer)

Trek Blouse: I’m making this top in both black and white and having it in stock by fall, along with the different sleeve option of ¾ length as an alternative to the original which is a rather short sleeve. It works for some, but not for all and yet a lot of you liked the style of the dress itself so I thought a slight variation might be fun.

Corset of Course (or a Flare for the Dramatic): For the corset, this one is being remade in new fabrics and possibly the fabric you see in these photos. Making the call on the fabric now actually… I made this one as a test to try out the pattern. I liked it and this one in the images sold so more are on the way!

French Lace Skirt: I have a skirt in this style coming out, however I’m still hunting down more black lace, and this will be offered with or without a slip and those as well will be made in a variety of colors and sizes to help with easy ordering. Sometimes it’s so hard to find the perfect stretch lace in jet black…

Little Flair Kimono Robe: This robe is a little different from the norm-shorter, with a flair, and ohh so comfortable! I originally made this as a custom order for a customer and she loved it. The hardest part is finding a quality fabric for the outside, quality chenille is so hard to come by but it was available in this type of fabric design in two different colors, the burnt sienna you see in the photos and then in a mustard. Trying to catch a bolt of this lovely fabric when it’s randomly in stock is tough but I have a call in so we shall see. I’m also looking for other chenille fabrics that will work but it is pending at this time until I work out the fabric details. I am going to make this in a variety of sizes and it will be available by Thanksgiving for those interested in purchasing. I currently have a white plush terry cloth in the shops, and I’m stopping in later on today to confirm but I believe also the same with little pink and green rose buds for those interested.

It’s Raining Buckets Hooded MOD Coat: Made initially in a variety of colors for a select group of customers, this jacket features an oversized hood with cinch ties to keep it tight in the most horrendous of weather, an inner zipper and buttons in front for closure, an inside lining of the softest fleece you will ever cozy up to, and two pockets in front. The fabric shown will not be available (the orange fabric was fabulous except in that it smelled like burning rubber while running it through the machines), but something equally cool and less rubbery smelling will be available. If I can’t breathe in the craft room, there is no one to sew… Details coming soon on this item as we move into monsoon season out here in the beautiful city of Portland! It might rain a lot but it makes for the most gorgeous warmer months so I won’t complain J

This orange jacket was made with a non-removable chocolate brown fleece that was uber soft.

This coat had a removable lining, no buttons visible on the outside, and though I liked the fleece fabric picked, I liked the really soft plush feel of the brown lining fabric picked. Unfortunately at the time the blue in navy was not available in that plush fleece, which is referred to as cuddle soft fleece at Joanns. It makes quite the mess while sewing but it is really soft and warm so when the color is right I prefer that fabric.

This was the full length women's sized coat with removable belt and removable fleece lining

These photos are of the matching children's version which is identical in style but smaller and shorter in length.

The Princess in Duponi Silk: This is currently a custom order item in my shop meaning you have to send in measurements and pick a color of silk, I pick the materials up and make you a dress based on the measurements you send in. This is not currently, nor has it ever been an ready-made item in the Sophia shop but I would like to have this in stock as fall nears because I expect it will sell before the holidays. I also have a model now to display dresses of this nature. When showing off the strapless look, the only way is laying it flat on a table though. So much to do for the clothing shop…

The Alice: I just loved this dress style and I created it for a customer as a custom order based on a few different patterns I had in my stash. She helped design it and I really loved that sweet waistline, the shorter length of the lower skirt (but not too short), and of course that adorable bodice along with adjustable and interchangeable straps. This dress can be worn strapless, with straight straps going back, tied halter style behind the neck, and even criss-crossed in back. I mean, how fabulous is that? So now that I have had a chance to work out the various sizes for the pattern I can make this in different sizes for customers. I am just looking for some cute fabrics to bring it into reality!

and then last but certainly not least...

The Summer Strapless: Various sizes and solid colors available soon as a ready-made item.

Last I have the Tron Dress. I made this first one as a test, but I really like it. I did NOT like the pattern pieces for the sleeves from the pattern but never the less, the dress was just made from 2 colors of a nice cotton blend. It was light weight, zipper in back at the neck and a simple A shaped skirt. It will be featured with a few other styles of similar MOD design. This was a first in a set for me. 

*I think that’s about it for now. I’m off to the shop but more info to come on all of these as I gather the fabrics needed. Have a great day and enjoy the weekend!

Lindsay ;)

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