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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Aquatic-Team Awesome

Life Aquatic-Team Awesome

I am a HUGE Life Aquatic fan. If you don’t really get that movie this is not the blog post for you and you can officially declare yourself ‘internet lost’ because I am going to talk all about The Life Aquatic and how awesome it is. I am also going to share with you some cool Life Aquatic gear I have found online or been given (I told you I was a fan!). I have met people that have disliked that movie and I just don’t get it. This is literally my favorite movie of all time and it was really difficult to upstage my prior favorite, Zero Effect. That is a really good movie as well. Outdated a bit by now perhaps but I loved the subtle humor and the solid story line. I thought Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller were really hilarious, followed through with the serious aspects of the movie, there was more depth to it that you initially thought there would be and all in all, it’s a really great detective movie. But this post is not about that movie but The Life Aquatic

I just love the way Wes Anderson’s mind works!

I also absolutely love his favorite casting picks as well. His casting choices are in my opinion perfect. Ladies first. I think Anjelica Houston is one of the most lovely, intelligent and extraordinary actresses we have ever had the privilege of seeing on the big screen. I find her acting skills to be impeccable, just look at the form and sincerity with which she acts out those lines and moves about in the acting space. Put that woman in more movies! I love it! Cate Blanchett is another one of my favorite actresses as well. I think we can all attest to the fact that these women are some of the best actresses of our time. It’s like Gweneth Paltrow’s acting skills in The Royal Tenenbaums as well as other movies, fantastic! She is a very diverse actress and I like how Wes Anderson utilizes those skills to portray such interesting aspects of human nature in his films. Love those acting skills ladies!

And Bill Murray. Ohh Bill, what a fascinating person. I love that spirit, and sense of humor of course. Come party out in Portland if you’re bored Bill, you’ll love the energy. Fascinating people out here I tell you. Owen Wilson is another fascinating actor. I love to see him in the Anderson flicks because they really reflect his depth of character as an actor. Not to say his other movies that are more light hearted aren’t good, but Wes Anderson’s themes have such intense undertones that seem to bring out a sense of self reflection in the characters, and one of my most favorite parts of the movie is that it reflects something so very personal with each character. KD’s lines are perfect! So well written, so well said. Each one is searching for something to make them feel whole, and in searching they all in the end find what they are looking for. Even Ned. Even the interns. That to me is the most beautiful story I can ever imagine. 

And so, I present to you….

Life Aquatic Gear
for those who love what I love…

The hat above was made by my sister! She's so awesome...

other fun stuff:

and then right before posting this I also found an etsy shop with rings, stationary and cuff links! woot! > http://www.etsy.com/shop/SteveZissou?ref=seller_info&atr_uid=0

I love the message the movie portrays as well as the creative way that message was presented in the film. If anyone is wondering whether they should fund something Wes Anderson is working on I would say you would be a fool not to. Seriously, keep that man writing and directing movies! His dedication to his work is impeccable. And if you didn’t like the movie I think you need to go back and watch it again, look further than the surface and tell me what you see. Go on now…

Lindsay ;)

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