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Friday, August 17, 2012

Pfaff Fabulous

I’m singing in the craft room these days and that lovely hum is the sound of my fabulous Pfaff Sewing Machines. What a difference quality machines make! This German engineering is just so fantastic. I appreciate quality design for sure and I just couldn’t go any longer without saying a little something on sewing machines and Pfaff’s in general. My boyfriend's mother used to talk about the old Pfaff sewing machines being the machines used to sew army tents and you know when you have machinery used for durability like that, you've got some quality machinery on your hands. Not only do I love love quality sewing machines but I need those machines in order to sew all types of fabrics. 

My first Pfaff came to me a few years back when I was preparing for a craft show. The materials had been purchased, the fabric cut and then my machine died. D-E-A-D. It just ker-plunked on me and it never started back up. ‘Beyond repair’ they said and so on that unlucky day my luck did indeed turn when a woman put up a Craigslist ad for a Pfaff 1122 and I just knew that baby had to be M-I-N-E!

I did get that machine and it has been a fabulous friend since. If you have an opportunity to pick one up, I would definitely recommend this model. You will love it for years to come. I just picked one up for my mother as well actually this past week. I was so surprised when one came up online since anyone who has had one usually knows they're hard to come by, they are worth every penny, and seriously, if I am telling you that my 1122 is my very best 'regular' sewing machine, you can count on it to sew it's little heart out for you for years and years. My mom just used her new machine for the first time last night and I heard her whisper (more to the machine than to me I think) “so smooth…and look at those stitches!” So if you are thinking about getting a new machine it’s a really great one and though it’s not considered a professional machine per say, it is definitely a solid investment for anyone wanting a sewing machine that will hold up to pretty much anything. I can sew heavy thick fabrics with this baby and you would be amazed by the layers I can get through! Don't push it too much, you don't want to hurt it, but never the less you will be impressed with what this machine can do. You will also find the machine provides a really solid straight stitch so you can expect a lot of perfected top stitching on projects.

I also have a Pfaff Tripmatic/ Tiptonic and that’s my dress making machine. Just lovely really. Her name is 'Pretty Girl' and she is just so sweet about sewing dresses. If you have one you know what I mean and if you’re thinking about getting one, you won’t be disappointed. I also find the tiptonic a really nice machine for sewing velvets. One of the last velvet dresses I was making ended up essentially crushing the velvet pieces together at the seams so you would want to use a stabilizer if you are working on a regular machine. Normally you love those tight stitches but when sewing fabrics such as velvet, not only are the layers of fabric slippery, but you don't want those layers to be crushed down so a machine of this nature is lovely for dress fabrics as it sews without crushing.

I also have a vintage ‘60’s pfaff and she’s called the 'Chomper' around here because she does just that, she chomps through fabric with the precision of a professional machine and those tight stitches...ohh so nice! I use this machine for costume making and a lot of medium to heavier weight fabrics that don’t require the delicate detail of the other machines. In many cases I run large orders for dining chair covers and such on the chomper and then go over the seams with the 1122 so I know those items are as strong as the fabric and thread allow.

I also have a Pfaff Serger which I have just started to use and have a bunch of stretchy fabric to make some really awesome new items. It’s a nice machine and I will definitely have updates after I work out a few tension issues. I will get it perfect! It seems as though the sergers take a little bit of practice getting used to as they are an entirely different machine than the regular sewing machine models. I just need to perfect the tension and I’m ready to go with 'Serg’! We’re almost there…

So that's about it really and I am off to the shop to get some work done before I return with a few more blog posts and updates. I just need some new images and you will all see today's new sales and new items and such listed throughout the blog and etsy shops. I just wanted to say hi and give a shout out to some awesome sewing machines I use daily to keep all of these items being made. I couldn’t do what I do without them for sure and I know a lot of you out there might be wondering which machines people that sew recommend. Some people end up loving a particular sewing machine brand and I have heard a lot of good things about other sewing models so don't get me wrong, if you have a machine other than a pfaff and love it, give a shout out and let us know. It just so happened that after I got my 1122 the other pfaffs found their way. They seem to like all being around their own kind in the craft room. Between my four machines, they cover everything I need to make..everything! 

So if that old sewing machine dies on you and is declared ‘beyond repair’ I say turn it into wind chimes and get yourself a Pfaff, they’re Fabulous! You’ll see what I mean when the machine purrs. Feed them fabric and quality thread regularly and you’ll have a happy machine on your hands. Ohh, they also like walks to the sewing shop every so often for cleaning & maintenance…

 Lindsay ;)

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