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Monday, September 15, 2014

Halloween '14

I love Halloween! It is such a fun and creative, festive holiday and when else can you wear pixie wings and witches hats and well, whatever you picked as a costume?! I live in Portland so maybe more than one would think, but never the less it is still a fun holiday.

I am still working on finishing some costumes, and will be for a few weeks now, but never the less I did have a chance to list a few new costumes on etsy today. Here are additional photos of some of those items.

Here is photos of my personal favorite, the Purple Fairy Princess Dress and matching Wings.

The above image is of the front with little lacing-looking detail at the bodice.

At the back I added fins that pop out and four sets of ribbon bow lacing for closure.

I made a set of wings to go with...

Inside the sleeves are little purple lace strips to give off a cute look. They move around a little when the fairy princess moves about.

This is a little Green Fairy with wings...

The fabric is a silky rayon/ poly blend. I had some left over from a top I made. I like the soft, weightlessness this fabric offers. Very comfy for little fairies.

The sash has a small amount of beading for accent around the front waist and wings with fabric accent for detail. These wings go on with ribbon bows around the arms. 

I love that big bow in back. Too cute!

The size of this dress is a 3t though without the sash it has the potential to reach a 4 in size though I do have measurements in the listing on my etsy site. 

Please excuse the little bit of blue padding popping out the back. The back is a lot less slouchy when it's on a human child.

I made an Elsa inspired Princess Gown in a size 2T.

The cape was hand dyed to match the blue dress

The colors in the images change slightly though the images outside show the truest color, light blue with white lace at the bodice. The tulle at the shoulders is white with a small amount of hand beading added.

I cannot adjust the height of the arm on this stand but the dress falls 23" in length.

The back closure is via ribbon ties long enough to tie into bows. Adding ties makes the dress a little more adjustable in size around the midsection, it makes for really cute bows and it is easy to close up.

Here are photos of the Stinky Pirate Baby Costumes ->

These are ready to ship and available in a variety of baby sizes from Newborn to 12 month. The set includes the striped bloomers, the white tunic, the red sash and the eye patch. You tie the eye patch so it fits well. The bloomers have elastic around the waist and legs and the tunic has raw edges around the sleeves, and laces around the top center. The sash shown is a red silky fabric with a small yellow diamond print added. I also have a red solid cotton sash if you would like that as well, and I can make additional sizes as bloomers or as capris. The capris look the same only without the elastic around the legs.

I recently made a few Bride of Frankenstein Mummy Wrap Dresses. This one is in a size Ladies 4-6 available as a ready to wear/ ship item. 

The costume includes the bag of extra mummy wrappings, a hair clip veil and a set of two skeleton hand clips.

This one shown below was made as a custom order and the skirt is longer and more similar to the original. it has a nice little hidden slit up one leg for easy walking purposes though I doubt anyone but you will notice with all of those wrappings. The dress with the wrappings falling long is a total 60 in length. That is from the center bodice so you very well may have to trim the ends if you find it is too long. 

Here is a link to a past blog post on how to make your own and additional images of this costume. http://craftzies.blogspot.com/2011/09/diy-halloweencostumes-bride-of.html

Here are a few links to other costume posts if you are looking for ideas for costumes. 

Game of Thrones Blog Posts ->

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Khaleesi Quarth inspired Gown

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*I finally finished the Khaleesi inspired Dragon Scale Tunic. 

Here is the post with those details and additional images ->


Additional Halloween posts: 

My etsy shop is www.Craftzies.etsy.com. 

Lindsay :)

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