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Friday, December 27, 2013

Into The Mist: Recreating the Silver Khaleesi Inspired Wedding Gown

The mist rolls down from the hills in the early morning this time of year, creating the most mystical setting for crafting such a magical gown.  After working with over six yards of a dreamy silver satin fabric I just had to share my latest costume design. This is the Game of Thrones inspired Khaleesi Wedding Dress remake, a project that took quite some time on my part, but was certainly worth the wait. Working with so very much of a silver shimmer satin really was like working with a smooth cool mist for fabric.

 I was very pleased with the way the costume turned out and though it does not fit on my sewing doll, it does fit on a smaller mannequin. Please pardon the photos, it is very difficult to get outside photos this time of year, especially when holding up the mannequin and the camera at the same time. Below you will see images with the gown with and without the brooch, as well as the set of arm accessories hung to one side.

When designing this gown I left the shoulder straps long in back so that Khaleesi can tighten or loosen the top as needed. The back has a hidden zipper and the panel in front on each side that wraps around the bodice and ties in back has small clear Swarovski crystals hand sewn up the long ties to offer a bit of additional shimmer.

Making the Dress & Arm Bands: I started by cutting out an inside waistband, making a top foam insert for the bodice, adding the base fabric to the bodice, and adding the bodice wrap pieces to the top on each side. I pinned the straps down, added the lining, sewed down the lining on the inside, added the zipper in back and then sewed the back lengthwise hem. I then hemmed the bottom up by hand (once trimmed to the appropriate length, leaving about 1.5-2” hem allowance). I finished the look by hand sewing the crystal beads to the back of the ties so it looks like rain drops. 

 *When constructing the top bodice, as you work on the gown match up the left and right size throughout the construction process to ensure the bodice on each side is exact so your bodice is proportional (if anything looks off in the images it is only because my mannequin is rather slippery, not because one side is uneven at all). Sewing such a slippery fabric onto a foam base is not the easiest so just go slowly and work out the kinks before you sew the lining down and you will be happy with the results.

Though the finished gown did not fit on my sewing doll, it did for a short time early on in the crafting phase. Here are a few images (above) to give you an idea of the process while putting the bodice together.

Then I made the arm bands and sewed the edges of the squares. I then added the squares to the armbands. Once you have sewn the edges of the fabric squares and sewed those to the armband pieces, you will want to hand sew elastic to the inside of the arm bands to cinch them up a bit. This is optional and if you do add some, I recommend only adding about 2" to the inside by the seam. This way it cinches the back a little but the entire armband won't cinch on you. Again, this may not be necessary, you may find you simply need to pull the armband seam in a little and tighten it up, in which case you can easily slip it on and off and it looks like an arm cuff, not a piece of cinched material.

Making the Brooch: I made the pieces you see in the images out of polymer clay.  I then glued the brooch facet to the back, painted it silver, and then placed it on the gown with the top front wrap pulled through the broach piece.

Both of these are painted with Martha Stewart Metallic paints, the silver on the right and the Dorado Gold in the upper left. These are about 2" in diameter, slightly larger than the brooches of similar style that accompany the Wild Dothraki Khaleesi costumes.

Here is an image of the Brooch on the gown. I did not pin it to the dress as I want the customer to be able to do this once she has determined where it should be placed. This can easily be placed higher at the center bodice once the costume is on.

Project Notes: In total this project required 6 yards of silver shimmer silk fabric however sizes larger than a 5-6 in US Ladies size you will require an additional yard of fabric, (optional-foam or a bodice insert/ I made my own but you can purchase them at the craft/ sewing stores), interfacing, lining fabric (optional, you do not need very much-I used what was left of the outer fabric), material for the straps, fabric for the arm bands, elastic for the arm bands (most likely ½”-¾” width), thread, pins, sewing needle, clear Swarovski crystal beads, 14-16” zipper, polymer clay, brooch facet, glue, silver paint, paint brush, sewing machine, scissors, measuring tape. I also recommend gloves for when painting the brooch.

This gown is currently being offered in my etsy shop as a custom order and you will find the details here -> https://www.etsy.com/listing/173875448/game-of-thrones-inspired-khaleesi?

The fabric for this costume is a silver shimmer satin fabric, the arm bands have elastic to hold them up on your arms, and the brooch is also included with your gown and made of a polymer clay painted silver. Your gown will be made of the same materials shown here in the images. If materials change I will let you know in the listing itself as well as here.

When ordering please include your measurements (bodice, waist, hips), general size, height and the measurement around your arms while at your side. Thank you J

This image is not the best as the backside of my mannequin is hollow but you can see the zipper and how nice and long those ties fall in back.

*If you have a specific date you need a costume by please notify me before ordering if it falls slightly before the 3 week wait period. Please note that orders take 3-4 days shipping in the states and up to 14 days internationally. Items are shipped first class internationally and do not receive a tracking number. If you would like a tracking number please let me know and I will send you an additional shipping fee listing to order. I do not offer express shipping. 

*If you do not see an active listing message me on etsy and I will either list one for you or let you know the wait time on an order depending on my current order status (it changes throughout the year). The current price is $285 and the current construction time is 3 weeks once your measurements and payment have been received. 

*Measurements can be sent in the comments section when ordering or can be messaged over via etsy message separately, whichever is easiest for you. In some cases customers are ordering these as gifts for another, hence measurements sent a few days after the order has been placed. This is fine, no worries. I just ask that you double check those measurements twice for good measure ;)

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Happy Holidays!

Lindsay ;)

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