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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween '13! It's going to be a good one...

                       (turns up Monster Mash…)

Bride of Frankenstein Mummy Wrap Dress

Today marks the start of my Halloween Costume season and I am super excited. I never like to inundate my viewers with holiday themed items too early in the season however from a crafting perspective, with Halloween a little over four weeks away this is the perfect time to think about what costume you want to rock and still have time to order before I’m out of sewing power and we’re all having fun celebrating!

So here is Part I and I say that because I have (pulls out list...) five more costumes for the little ones and four more Game of Thrones costumes still to come. The kids costumes that are still awaiting photos are Little Zombs (zombies of course), Mini Mummies, Itty Bitty Witches, Stinky Pirates, Fire Breathing Dragons, Godzilla Monster! and then a few capes and crowns. 

For the Game of Thrones costumes I have the light teal and gold filligre neck brace costume coming up from season 2, I have the Blue Earth colored dress from season 3, I have the peach and white renaissance inspired dress with the black necklace from season 3, and a Jon Snow costume. Ohh, and the Khal costume is mentioned below as matching the khaleesi costume and I am finishing up the final touches there and I will add photos soon of course. Some of the accessories are drying (pushes fan closer) but I think things are looking good so far. 

Custom orders and requests come first and I am limiting myself on listings for custom orders in relation to my crafting progress.  

So, with that in mind, here is Part I of Halloween '13!

Star Trek

This year things are a little different here at Craftzies so let me give you a quick guide so it is fairly easy for you to order and maneuver the Craftzies etsy shop and ebay shop. This last year I also started selling a few of the costumes on ebay and it seems to me that some people prefer etsy; others just have more experience with ebay. Honestly, whichever you prefer and the prices are comparable so whatever works for you. Listings on ebay do not stay actively listed in the shop for the long term like etsy so more items are available in my etsy shop. 

If you are interested in an item and would like one in a particular size or style feel free to ask. The best way to reach me is via etsy message. Here is the link to my etsy shop where you can see what costumes are available and send any questions if needed -> www.Craftzies.etsy.com 

Mrs. Fox costume 

A number of costumes you will see in the shop are Ready to Wear and the photo you see is the item you will receive though in some cases in order to keep things rolling I am using stock photos that I already have. Therefore, please read the listing information to make sure the item you are purchasing is not a custom order for someone else, and the easiest way to determine this is in the original listing on etsy you will see I have a note at the top of the description similar to this:

**This is a custom listing for Amber. If you are not Amber please do not order this item. TY J

If you do not see this type of note, then it is a Ready to Wear item and you are free to order it and it will be shipped out within a day or two. I am also noting Ready to Wear in the description notes to help keep everything as organized as possible there. One last thing before you see the costume list below and that is that there are a few still awaiting a few photos. I am finishing up the final crafting on a few but instead of waiting on this post I just figured I would go ahead and give you an idea of the costumes available minus a few photos that are of course sure to come within the next few days (all will be finished and photos up by the 1st at the very latest. I know it's not a TON of time but I am admittedly a bit busy this season-thanks to all of you of course ;)

Costumes @ Craftzies this year ->

For the Little Ones->

Space Travel  Robes - I received a few requests for these in different sizes so I have a few coming up. You know who you are and I will probably be using the stock photos I have but those will be ready to ship and in some cases the customers requested the inverse on the robe colors. If interested in your own set for your little one now is the time to let me know the size needed and I can make this in larger sizes, I am going to say up to a 6x. $35 for the little sizes, $47 for the kids sizes up to a 6X. I have had adults ask about larger adult sizes and the price runs $125 for a set. I know it seems high but when the fabric itself runs about 3+ yards for the natural and brown fabrics, the materials price is about $95. I will of course consider making it for you however you might find a better price than this out there.

Pebbles & Bam Bam’s - I admittedly thought that I had more of these in stock from last year but amazingly enough it looks like they were all sold and I ended the season last year fresh out of stock. So right this moment I only have a few,  one that appears at first glance to be a 3T with navy fleece bloomers and then a 9 mo. Bam Bam but I will of course confirm size and offer measurements in the listings. Both come with accessories and photos will be up tomorrow. I am only making a few of these this year but as soon as I have the other sets finished I will list them. I also have a photo of the fabrics available for the Bam Bam’s this year as the fur prints change with availability throughout the season. The price per set is $35 + shipping. This costume and price bracket are for children. I do not make the adult versions.

*Note: the fabric currently in stock for the Bam Bam costumes this year is made of the print in this listing -> https://www.etsy.com/transaction/98485974 

*The kids costumes that are still awaiting photos are Little Zombs (zombies of course), Mini Mummies, Itty Bitty Witches, Stinky Pirates, Fire Breathing Dragons, Godzilla Monster! and then a few capes and crowns. 

and then for the adults I have ->

Audrey Hepburn/ Holly Go Lightly inspired sleeping Masks and Tassle Earplug or Tassle Earring Sets - $25 for the mask, $32 with the Tassle Ear Plug Set, $37 with the Tassle Earring Set.

*I currently only have 1 set of the Sleeping Mask and Tassle Ear Plug sets available in the etsy shop ready to ship. More materials arrived and more will be added in the next few days. If you would like a set feel free to message me on etsy and I can notify you when new ones have been listed. 

Mummy Wrap Dresses - I have 2-3 to be listed right now, 1 is a size lg-xl and the style is slightly different than my norm so I definitely need to add photos. The others I have ready to list are in a size sm-med and then a med-lg and those are made in the traditional style you see here ->  http://craftzies.blogspot.com/2012/08/halloween-happenings-2012.html 

Both dress styles come with a creepy skeleton hair clip veil, a set of two creepy skeleton hair clips (those are clipped on at the chest or shoulder area in the photos, they are detachable if you want to move them around), and a bag of extra wrappings to finish off the costume with some trailing fabric pieces and such. The price for these is $75 + shipping.

Witches Hats, Brooms and Dresses - all sizes, inquire for details. Sold together or separately. Hats are $20, brooms are $12 and the dresses are $45. $75 for the full set with hat, broom and dress in your size.

And then I have some Game of Thrones inspired costumes->

For those of you who have not had an opportunity to watch seasons I-III, here is a link for you ->


*Normally I would be deterred from sites like this because of the pop up ads but it works and I didn't even need to download anything, I simply scrolled down to where the video window was and hit play. A 2-part pop-up came up but when closed you will find the video is playing. Enjoy!

Blue and Gold Khaleesi Gown from season II - This gown has a price of $105 + shipping  and the link to the blog post can be found here -> http://craftzies.blogspot.com/2012/10/game-of-thrones-costume-remake-making.html

Dothraki Riding costume for both Khaleesi and Khal -This comes with everything including accessories for both except for the male khaki pants/ capris. These are $95 each or a set of $185 + shipping. Here is a link to how I made the Khaleesi costume for this - > http://craftzies.blogspot.com/2013/08/constructing-wild-dothraki-khaleesi.html

Renaissance Inspired Gowns - $75+ depending on the style, materials desired and size. 

*Game of Thrones inspired costumes still being finished -> The light teal and gold filligre neck brace costume coming up from season 2, I have the Blue Earth colored dress from season 3, the peach and white renaissance inspired dress with the black necklace from season 3, a golden yellow renaissance dress similar to that shown in the show, and a Jon Snow costume. Ohh, and the Khal costume is mentioned above as matching the khaleesi riding costume and I am finishing up the final touches there and I will add photos soon of course.

Khaleesi inspired necklaces in style I above and style II below

Final Halloween notes: For some reason, the etsy ‘custom request’ option is not working well for me so if you are a person who has put through a custom request that way, you will find I will put the request through on etsy in similar fashion to the other Custom listings where I make and then list the item (with the note in the description that the item is for you) or in some cases such as the Game of Thrones inspired costumes, send you a custom listing for what is essentially a pre-order where you order and pay for the item and then I make it and ship it out when finished.

Custom Orders & Timing -1.5-2 weeks for orders placed before the 1st of October. If ordered after that date then 1.5 weeks before the item is ready to ship. You will see updates in the listing itself and I am putting up listings as I go so it is first come first serve in that regard.

Shipping - I am shipping as often as possible. My post office just changed their hours and cut upwards of 17 hrs a week. This not only means the longest lines ever but it also means items are in a lot of cases put through the machine as well as it takes a day or two it seems to update the tracking numbers. I take items this time of year to the post office every other day at least, and quite honestly I want all of your packages out the door as soon as possible as it is peace of mind for me as well so I do sometimes drop items sometimes twice a day as needed as the holiday is a very busy time for me. I do sometimes forget to update an item shipped-a bad habit as I am in constant crafting motion to keep it all going-but I promise I will make more frequent updates so we are all on the same page with your orders ;)

One last thing I would like to mention before we start this Halloween season is that you are all really great. You are all so friendly and supportive and also patient. I mention this specifically because I do receive so very many emails and orders and requests this time of year that I do work overtime and try to get back to all messages however I am in the shop, purchasing materials and at the post office a great deal so some responses can take a few days. It might also be because I do not yet have an answer in which case I am thinking/ researching aspects of the order so I can work out an answer. As Craftzies is ‘the little shop of everything,’ you can count on there being quite a range in questions ;)

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions or costume requests feel free to message me over on etsy @ www.Craftzies.etsy.com. I am in the shop today for ..let's just say a long time lol, but I will return tonight to answer all emails and list the costumes on etsy so if you are waiting to hear back, I will be adding costumes today and tomorrow. By Friday I should have the rest of the photos up as well. Until then, here is the link to last year's Halloween costumes and you will find more photos and costume ideas there as well -> http://craftzies.blogspot.com/2012/08/halloween-happenings-2012.html

Lindsay ;)


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