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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Notes

Notes on a piano and the beating of drums may have had my heart long before my Love ever did but as with all things we find ourselves passionate about, it is in the act of weaving them together that we find we have created something inspiringly new and happiness in turn is sure to follow. I suppose that is why I love making things and even music so very much. The pieces were just that, bits and pieces before working them together, arranging them just so. All of those cared for ideas and materials were brought together to bring that ‘something new’ into being, and that is a beautiful thing and certainly something worth celebrating.

If I were to attempt to put into words what the idea of love means to me, I would have to say the creation of happiness. I can only describe it as the chemistry of some rare pure materials + the act of you creating ‘something out of nothing.’ I recognize that there is no such thing as ‘nothing’ but I cannot help but see the correlation between the idea that the concept of both love and music cannot truly be put into words. Not really, but go find yourself in the company of someone you love or find yourself the perfect music that makes your heart sing and you will know just what I mean. It seems as if only by engaging in their presence can we truly reach the level of understanding with which they work to inspire and help us create a better place in which to, well, create more happiness.

When we think about music that we love, it is with sincere appreciation for the compilation of all of those sounds blended together in perfect harmony with the way we feel in their presence that brings about our most sincere passions. There in is their magic. It makes us dream, it helps us appreciate our surroundings, and live in a world where we don’t just provide the minimum, we aren’t just there in our raw state of being, but instead we are actively choosing to add just a little more. We have a rare and golden opportunity to add a bit of love, or happiness, or whatever you want to call it, and actively engage in bringing about a little extra cheer to the world. That’s what I want for the holiday, for every day even, for my whole life.

The exchange and creation of love is not with words but through our intent, through dreaming up a little magic and then bringing it into reality. Drop the old, discard the fake, and what do you have left over? That is where your heart is, that is what the essence of Love seems to be. How we act out these expressions, whether it’s by way of music, art, or even something as simple as a smile or a kiss, that is all our own, but in sharing we have the pleasure of demonstrating to those we love just how special they are to us. And so, in honor of that I wish you all happiness.

Happy Valentine’s Day ;)

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