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Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Labyrinth Inspired Creation: The Wicked White Cape with Fiber Optic Skeleton Claw

It's going to be a hauntingly fun Halloween... 

I have to admit this Wicked White Cape is one of my favorites this year and it has been made from multiple hair wigs, over 7 yards of fabrics, two plastic skeletons sewn in, and a built in crystal skeleton claw that comes up and out of the back of the neck. It even comes with an added multi-colored fiber optic battery pack at the center of the skeleton claw in back to make it even creepier and glow at night. The fiber optic lighting has a small battery pack that slips in through the lining in back and can be removed if desired.

A request came in through the channels for a costume similar in nature to the one worn by Jareth in the movie Labyrinth. What a cool costume idea right? How could I say no. One of the really fun things about this costume is that it can work for a number of different costume themes, and with or without the fiber optic claw in back or even in different colors. 

This cape is designed to rest on the shoulders without falling off (via built in foam shoulder pads and hidden elastic arm holsters) and will stay on when singing, dancing, looking into your crystal ball or even for creeping out the neighbors. Size Medium/ Large Unisex. This costume has built up padding in the back and shoulder pads built in so it rests over the shoulders and you slip the arm holsters around your arms to hold it on. If you are interested in a costume in a different size please message me and I will be happy to make one to your size. 

Here are a few photos, albeit a bit fuzzy, of the fiber optic lit and showing the bright neon pink. It also switches to blue, purple and green.

*Despite this being referred to as a white cape, please note that the colors vary slightly throughout from off white to ivory with a small bit of brown fabric dye added to give a more worn look, as well as a brown shimmer mesh in back tucked in to hide the fiber optic lighting. The outer fabric is an ivory satin and the hair strands are a blend of white and blonde mixed together. The fiber optic fluctuates various colors of blue, green, purple & hot pink. 

*The cape also comes with a set of skeleton elastic wristbands made of the same materials as the cape.

The fiber optic battery pack is removable if desired. Please note all computer monitors display light a little differently however the coloring is a blend of lighter colored materials treated with a variety of faux hair and fabric dyes.

*Materials used: 7+ yards of various fabrics, 2 plastic skeletons, 1 small fiber optic battery pack inside iridescent mesh skeleton claw in upper back, 2 wigs, foam, fabric dye, elastic, iridescent woven tubing, plastic strips, wire. 

Here is a photo of the fiber optic in blue in the dark. It's a lot brighter in person than the photos show.

Shipping is USPS Priority 2-3 day delivery in the US $14 or less. Shipping is $25 Internationally for USPS First Class. Please assume 14 days from time of shipment for your item to arrive when shipped Internationally. Items shipped within 24 hrs of payment received.

I have a few early bird costume specials that are popping up on ebay and etsy this week. This costume retails for $200+/ handmade by me/ dryclean only. Any questions feel free to ask.

If you would like one please message me on etsy @ www.Craftzies.etsy.com. If you are interested in purchasing a costume on ebay my username is nachomama7.

Lindsay :)

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