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Friday, July 5, 2013

Design A Slip Cover Kit (Details here)

This blog post is for those of you that are interested in making your own pattern for your furniture or having me make you a slip cover for pieces of furniture such as Wingback Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Lounge Chairs, Love Seats and Couches. 

I have just listed this kit in my etsy shop in two prices /kit sizes. Here is the link to the full sized kit -> https://www.etsy.com/listing/157943761/design-a-slip-cover-kit-for-wing-back?
and here is the link to the medium sized slip cover, which is more for wing back and lounge chairs - https://www.etsy.com/listing/158577694/design-a-slip-cover-kit-for-wing-back?

I have recently put together a Design A Slip Cover Kit which provides you with an opportunity to design a pattern for your furniture. You can then use the pattern and design ideas to make your own if you sew, send it back to me and I will make you a slip cover (I have included return packaging after all but we’ll cover that below), or even give it to your local seamstress to make you a custom slip cover from the pattern you have created. The simple to follow instructions and packet of materials will be everything you need. You also receive a $4 coupon when you send the pattern back to me that I will apply to your future sewing order. Prices as well as additional details are listed below so you have a good idea of what you can expect to pay and the wait time you can expect while your order is being worked on.

This kit is a new one for me but the best way to ensure the correct fit when it comes to making those larger and more detailed slip covers for pieces of furniture such as couches, lounge chairs and wingback chair covers. We all need slip covers for furniture and sometimes we don’t want to just throw a blanket over them and try and make do. One must keep in mind that these slip covers are a bit bigger than the furniture you are making the slip cover for in many cases but they work much better than that old blanket will and even those oversized slip covers you can buy at other locations. Experience making slip covers, both for myself and for others, has taught me that despite how many measurements we take and how well we might plan out a project, making a paper pattern as a guide beforehand will help. This is especially true of the more detailed lines on select pieces of furniture such as wingback chairs and larger pieces of furniture such as couches.

How it Works:
You order the kit and follow the instructions provided. Next if you are planning on having me make the finished item for you, you will send back your newly made pattern in the return envelope along with your completed order form. You will also include style and fabric requests at this time. *If you need specific fabric samples let me know when ordering the kit and I will include them.

Along with sending your pattern packet back to me you will also want to provide a photo of your piece of furniture. You can send your photo to me directly via etsy or you can email it to me at Craftzies@gmail.com. Please include the order number provided on your kit when sending me furniture details such as the photo as it helps me keep track of order details.

I check my po box regularly so as soon as I receive your package I mark the date of receipt, notify you that the package was received, give you a total you can expect for your final order price (but you will already have an idea of the cost because I am providing prices below as well as a copy in your kit) and then within 2 weeks you can expect to see the listing with your completed order ready for final purchase. I then ship your package out within 2 days and will then notify you with your tracking info.

I will be listing the sale of these kits as I can keep up with orders. That is the best way for me to keep on a timely sewing schedule. That means if you see a kit for sale in the shop you can expect to receive a shipping notice within 2 weeks from when your kit has arrived back at my po box. I will list the finished item on my etsy shop (with your coupon discount applied) and you will be able to order your item at that time. Most items are shipped out USPS Priority in the states/ first class internationally.

Project Timing: Your custom item will be made and listed in my etsy shop within 2 weeks from when your Pattern Kit has arrived. I check my po box regularly.

What the Pattern Making Kit Includes: This kit includes all of the materials, instructions, diagrams, examples and design ideas you need in order to make your own slip cover pattern for your furniture. The materials include a tape measure, scissors, pencil, fabric marker, order form, pattern paper, price info, return shipping, a coupon for your $4 ordering @ Craftzies discount, fabric samples, etc.

Make Your Own Pattern: I will only accept orders for slip covers for wingback chairs, rocking chairs, lounge chairs, love seats and couches with the purchase of the Design A Slip Cover Kit. If you have a simple piece of furniture and want to see if I will require kit purchase ahead of time feel free to message me on etsy and we can discuss it. For those who do have rather simple furniture pieces-these would be smaller, less detailed and similar to bar stools, kitchen and dining room chair covers, sewing chairs, large computer chairs and other furniture of that nature-you will find the kit is not required. 

If this is the case then you may find these links below useful instead ->

Pricing Guide:
There are a number of factors to consider when calculating pricing for your new project such as ->

Size of the furniture piece-Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL (example-small wingback chair would be a small/ med, Rocking, Lounge and Love Seats would be Medium, large couches would be a large-xl and then something like a really big separate couch type style or for those looking for a kit with enough pattern paper to handle multiple furniture pieces you would want the xxl kit. I am providing enough pattern paper to make up to a large couch, if you need a bigger kit size let me know and I will add some in this xxl size in the Craftzies shop.

Fabric & Materials-Price per yard + Yardage needed + Accessories (such as Zippers, Piping, Buttons, Elastic, Thread, Velcro, etc.) The cost of materials changes based on what materials you would like and the additional accessories needed to create the look you want. Some people want a simple solid colored cotton fabric with little to know detail that can be slipped on a tied in back for cinching. Other customers want separate pieces such as a base cover and then a top and back cushion with piping, and then something such as arm covers to go with to finish the look. All of these are possible and the kit will help with the details but the more separate pieces means more fabric and accessories required. Some customers like to mail me some or all of the supplies needed for the project and this is fine with me. If you happen to have a long zipper that you know will work perfectly for the slip cover and it will save you something like $4-$7 and you are sending the kit back to me anyway, hey, why not? It saves me time picking one out for you so the more the merrier. Piping runs about 50 cents a yard or less. 

For fabric, the costliest of materials for these projects, if you have it on hand or have picked it up for a steal, feel free to ship it. Just know vintage pieces may have fabric discrepancies throughout the pieces if the fabric sent had discrepancies. I try to take the best pieces but I can’t be responsible for having a visible hole in a slip cover if you sent vintage fabric with holes, etc. I have rules for sending me fabric so check here if doing so -> For those having me pick up fabric for you I charge what the shop charges me so if the fabric shop is one that has a regular rotation of sales for their fabrics we can in many cases catch the fabric on a discount to help you out on the cost of fabric.

Here are a few links to fabric details ->

*Please keep in mind once I have received your order and reviewed the details I will send you a materials fee before I get started on your project if I am picking up the fabric for your order. I then transfer those funds and pick up the fabric for your order and make your slip cover. I have to do it this way in the event that a customer disappears and I am stuck with a custom slip cover that fits only your piece of furniture.

(*thread is highlighted above however my customers find I usually cover the thread myself for the project. I like really good thread so I would rather cover it and know I’m using the best. My machines know the difference ;)

Amount of detail needed for the cover and how many pieces being made-The prices added below give you an idea of what I charge for the work to create one slip cover for you based on the pattern you send back to me. In designing your pattern and slip cover style with the kit, you will be able to determine where you want closure to go, what fabric, the style you visualize, etc. When looking over the pricing provided below please note that that is with the intent that you want one slip cover per piece of furniture. Separates are prices slightly differently as well as additional design and style requests such as piping, etc. Separate pieces are charged an additional $8-$12 per piece and piping is charged an additional $5 for the work not including the cost of the piping material which you will find added to the materials section of your bill.  

Type of furniture-
Wingback Chair: $55 for the work
Small/ Medium lounge/ rocking chairs: $30-$40 for the work
Large-xl Rocking / Lounge Chair: $55-$75 for the work
Love Seats / Couches: $40 for the love seats/ $50 for the work
Small Foot Rests/ Ottoman Covers: $14-$18 for the work
Poufs/ Small Covers: $18-$25 for the work
Bean Bag Chairs/ Luv Sacs: These larger shaped pieces are based on a few specific patterns, contact me directly for one of these, kit not required. ($60-$70 for the work).

Each of the prices above reflect a discount as I have taken into consideration the price of the kit and the time I save with you having created a pattern and having worked out a bit of the style details yourself before the order comes to me. I try to keep these projects affordable for you however please keep in mind for some of these larger items I can spend upwards of 5-8 hours on the project. If you are interested in a small item such as a pouf cover or ottoman cover then the kit is not required, the kit is for larger more detail styled cut of the larger furniture. If you have any questions or want me to price out your project ideas a bit more for you before we get started feel free to message me @ www.Craftzies.etsy.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If it takes a few days to shoot a message back it’s just because I’m calculating and ohh...probably answering a ton of emails while weaving a rug and making a new Game of Thrones costume… It’s a bit of a crafting modge podge over here but have no fear, I will sift through all of the messages and get back to you ;)

*You are free to send me some or all materials when sending back your pattern kit if you are having me make the slip cover for you. If you need help with the purchase of materials such as the type or length of zippers, etc. please let me know and I will get back to you. Please send basic measurements of the furniture so I can send back an estimated materials quote, ty :)

Pricing example: 2 slip covers for 2 medium sized lounge chairs-these were simple drop over slip covers made out of a teal suede cloth fabric. Once the pattern was made these required only the fabric and thread to make and no additional accessories such as zippers were needed. This is the simplest style and will cost more like $60 for the work not including shipping or any discounts applied.

Materials: Fabric needed of 3.5 yards @ $12 yard=$42 + additional accessories
Additional style details such as piping added. I would also include small extras such as matching arm covers or a small pillow cover or foot rest cover to this area when pricing your project out.
Work: $55-$60

*This does not include the cost of the kit originally purchased. This also does not include the cost to ship the kit and any materials you have on hand for the project to be shipped to me and this also does not include shipping your finished item back to you in the end.

It starts to add up from a cost perspective doesn’t it? I know it does but I do try to make it affordable, it is however impossible to give you a specific final cost until I have all of the information, but at least the above prices will give you an idea of the high end of the quote. In the end I hope to find the final prices to come in under both my higher estimated quotes and even other estimates out there. I look as it as though the high end covers me if something ends up costing slightly than expected but at the same time you helped me out by making a pattern for the furniture piece ahead of time.

*Reusing the kit and future projects: You can reuse the kit materials for future project. If you want a paper refill for future orders let me know when ordering your finished item in the Craftzies shop and I will include more paper. Feel free to keep the materials included with the kit however if the tape measure is returned with your pattern you will find a $1 deducted from your final order (a $5 discount total as I am offering a $4 coupon for project orders received) as I can reuse the tape measure in future kits.

Alright, I think that covers just about everything. If you think I have missed something or if you have any questions feel free to ask. In regards to photos of finished slip covers I find I do not end up with a lot of photos as these slip covers fit custom pieces of furniure that I do not have on hand. In most cases you will find that I have simply used one of my stock photos or a photo of the fabric from your slip cover when listing your item in the shop in which to order up as it is easiest for me. The best way to reach me is via etsy @ www.Craftzies.etsy.com

Lindsay J

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