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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Marilyn and Beyond...

This classic Marilyn Monroe inspired halter styled dress is really quite lovely, and the most popular dress in my shop so far. The dress features a full skirt, halter styled bodice, hidden pockets at the waist, zipper up the back, a cute little button at the back of the neck for accent, trim as accent at the waist and a fully lined bodice so you will feel really comfortable as you look your very best ;) 

The dress above is in the classic white color, and features a sparkle waist band with satin trim for accent, hidden pockets, and a diamond button at the back of the neck for accent. This dress has also been made from a cream silk duponi and it turned out really nice and was worn as a wedding dress for a garden wedding last Summer.

The Pink Hyacinth dress above is also a favorite and a nice change from the traditional pink prints in that it has really dynamic orange-pink hues. This dress has white trim as accent at the waist, hidden pockets, lined bodice, and a button at the base of the neck as accent. I currently have one of this dress in stock in my shop as a ready-made item.

I love the soft  blended hues of the Pacific Batik dress shown above. I saved every last bit of this fabric and it is such a nice cool, clean cotton and the batik print...well, let's just say the print is even better in person...if you can believe that! I only purchased enough of the fabric to make one dress, but that dress is currently listed on the shop as a ready-made item.

As much as I love this halter dress, I recognize that the halter styled bodice and full skirt as not for everyone and so I have ventured out to create a new dress that is similar, however a little different for those who need another choice. I have customers from a size 4 to a size 18 that have purchased (and LOVED) this dress so I think a halter style bodice is just a matter of preference and simply depends on the woman. But let's be honest here. A new dress style is like a new pair of shoes..it only makes the day better! And I will remind you all that  new shoes go really well with new dresses. It's sort of funny how that works ;)

Just in case you were wondering, that is my absolutely lovely sister modeling for me in the photos. It’s hard to tell that it was an incredibly rainy day here in Portland when the photos were taken! The fact that the photos for this dress turned out so radiant is truly a tribute not only to the dress but also my sister’s love for this dress. You can always tell when she likes an item because one of two things will happen-she will start to jump around and go play with accessories (anything from purses and jewelry to finding herself a new pair of shoes), or she becomes the elegant princess you see in the photos above, and simply radiates a grace that makes it hard to believe that she was actually born a rather mischievous imp! 

If it goes well I will be carrying the new dress in the shop in the next few weeks! Photos to come…

Until then, you can purchase ready-made and custom items in my clothing shop @ www.SophiaDeLaMer.etsy.com 

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